Sweat Nation, founded in 2010 is a coaching/consulting service started by Flip Aguilera an NSCA, Precision Nutrition & University Of Miami certified Coach.

Sweat Nation's Mission is to guide Busy Professionals who understand that maximizing return on investment through the effective & efficient use of Their Mind/Body, Finance/Career & relationships is the key to having a wealthy life.

Our passion is to learn the art & apply the science of coaching that makes for a truly fulfilled life. You don't have time to learn Everything. Sweat Nation is your source to cut through the clutter and get results. Intelligent movement, nourishing recipes, and real life positive reinforcement to make sure that you're maximizing your life's energy investment.


You are Sweat Nation #PhysicallyInfinite

Flip Aguilera - Founder
Coach Tee - Boxing Coach

If you’re looking for a place to get valuable information on how to move, eat, and feel better, then you have come to the right place. The Information we share with you through these pages comes from experience helping others who are also seeking to be the best versions of themselves.


We Like to FLIPAAA

FLIPAAA is an acronym that stands for:











This journey includes US all.

Within The Sweat Nation Lifestyle Model

Being accountable is a major part of the system.


‘Be accountable to what?


First, you must be accountable to the outcomes you want to achieve in life. Therefore there is no arguing that movement and how you feed that movement are major components of accountability.


The Sweat Nation Code


1) Becoming the best version yourself will NOT be easy and will take hard work.


Nothing worth having in life comes easy, and becoming better on the outside and from within is no exception. Many unconventional fitness/diet gurus and marketers will try to persuade you to think otherwise. Why? Because they’re trying to capitalize off of clients’ false hopes & fears. Here at Sweat Nation we come to tell you truth: becoming the best version of yourself will be hard, but it’s through that difficulty that many opportunities will arise.


In this community we do our best to guide you and give you the information you need. However, no one can force you to take action; that’s up to you.


2) Results will NOT show overnight.


We don’t live, teach, or believe in schemes that promise fast weight loss and fitness.  There is nothing easy about the tasks you will undertake to get you to the life of your dreams. Relatively speaking, it will be “quick” because you won't allow yourself no room for half-hearted attempts.  You need to decide, everyday, that you will  follow the design of the life you want to live. 


3) Becoming the best version of yourself is NOT impossible!


Who you are today is the Sum total of the decisions you've made. When you choose to live the Sweat Nation vision, who you will be when you look back will astonish you. Becoming aware of how and why you make your decisions will be a game changer for your life.



What To Expect


On this site there are many things to help you reach your goals. What’s exciting is that we are constantly learning and adding new content so that you get more value engaging in this community.


Sweat Nation Appreciates you!!!!


Sweat Nation is for you, not only as a guide while you begin your fitness journey, but also as a professional that wants to serve you.

We want to build something special; We love to rise to a challenge and work hard, work smart, and use the influence to make the nation a better place.

Thank you for your support. If you’ve made it this far, It mean's you're more ready than ever. Come say hi on The SweatNation Facebook Page. Here’s to Keeping The Dream Alive, Making The Dream A Reality…LIVING THE DREAM!!!!


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