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It's the week of July 4th and since you are an integral part of Sweat Nation today we are going to go over ways to live longer. With more days on this journey why not fill it with more friends, family and freedom.

It's been suggested that humans could live up to 120-140 years old. The current average U.S. lifespan has stalled at about 76 years. Chronic disease is the main culprit at this moment in the human story. Today we are going to talk about longevity, how to have more quality in that longevity with some simple lifestyle hacks.

How does aging happen?

Biologically speaking, aging can be described as an accumulation of damage and mutations in your DNA repair processes, breakages in the molecular machinery of cells leads to a build-up of metabolic waste products that your body can't break down, and that failure of biological systems leads to a jam that your body i...

What's good on your end of the screen? This past weekend I had the honor of officiating the Wedding of Rosalind Konikoff & Henry Rodriguez. The setting was magical. This was a destination wedding. The wedding took place in the hills/mountains of Dansville, New York at the Redmond House. Beautiful setting if you ask me.

What an honor to be asked to preside over the public confirmation of the commitment of these two friends. The Sweat Nation Triumvirate is Mind/Body, Finances & Relationships. Saying the right things and accommodating friends and family can be nerve wrecking. Today, I'll go over tips I took on how to officiate a wedding. 

1) Preparation - Give your self time to prepare. This is not the time to procrastinate, not that any time is, but give yourself time to organize your thoughts. Your thoughts will evolve along the way. Giving yourself the time for this evo...

My "Boy Child" is a born introvert, I read and try to understand the struggle of what it's like to feel like he might when being in busy social situations.

He's broken out of it as he's gone through his teenage years but my imagination thinks what if he's “that guy” at conferences or events, who ducks away to his room or heads outside to recharge his batteries every few hours – something accomplished by escaping the crowds and being utterly alone.

Maybe you thrive on long, solitary walks, multi-hour hikes and extended bike rides. Come to think of it I enjoy all the activities in the previous sentence. Maybe even while at family events, you tend to wander off to the edge of the room to sit back and enjoy some time to yourself.


Perhaps you’re energized by social settings. Human interaction leaves you feeling refreshed and ready for the rest of the day,...

Today I want to share some personal news with you. Just the idea of sharing it fills me with a jittery energy. On one hand, who even gives #AF about my personal life? And then on the other hand, Sweat Nation is a personal brand and many of you have been with the brand for the last 10 years and have watched it grow up with me.

What I know is that I want to honor your connection to Sweat Nation because we are a family. Many of you have asked me about this over the last year, and sometimes it's like im too busy living the story,  and not telling it, yet.

I'm not as efficient as I should at sharing what's going on in my life in real time. You can trust that if I share something with you, I do so after examining how it may bring value to your life. 

Of course I will always share plenty of the struggle because the way...

Could you imagine it? Two weeks ago Maritza(fiance) got a message from her friend Anz asking if we wanted to go to the Dirtybird Campout. Of course we said we would go. Wouldn't you know it; we ended up in the artist and staff camping area where we got to see the overcoming of obstacles first hand.

Any event can be filled with minor logistics inconveniences. We arrived Thursday afternoon. The Dirtybird staff was very friendly and welcoming. Little did we know that a few hours later the campout would be on the verge of being shut down. Seems like there were some permitting issues that went unresolved for Thursday night. Thursday night went off well with Seth Troxler and Claude VonStroke.

We went to bed early that night to have our energy ready to go for what was sure to be a fun Friday. The games and festivities were great. It was all good. They split the campers in...

Emotional intelligence—or “EQ”—is one of the most powerful tools for success in life. If you think about it it’s arguably a bigger factor than IQ in determining the success of within our lives. IQ is a "test" thought up by a specific cultural group to measure what they deemed is important. While EQ is something more fundamental. Emotions are something that weave within any and every culture, and it's a language we all speak. Since relationships are at the core of everything we do in life, it makes sense that EQ would be at the top of the list for crucial life skills. Know what I mean?

What is EQ?

Emotional intelligence has five main components:

1. Self-awareness—The ability to understand our own emotions, where they come from, and what effects they have on others.

2. Motivation—An internal drive to do better and achieve more.

3. Self-regulation—Our ability...

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