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Article Review - Woman & The Battle Of The Bulge

I got up today , behind on my blog. I open my laptop with a big ???? about what I'm going to blog about and I open my homepage and this article was waiting for me.

You ever read an article and think to yourself "How many people actually get the underlying principles of what they're saying here?" 420 minutes of exercise a week. I guess that's sounds about right if you compare it to the way a typical person eats. If you want to continue eating 3500 calories a day then yes, 420 minutes is probably about right. The article also points out age. Which brings the whole "metabolism slows down as you get older." This is true, to a point. This will always come down to "if you keep everything in check, everything stay be in check". A person can do things to keep their metabolism revved up. Ex: A 55 year old who regularly weight trains will have a faster burning metabolism then a 23 year old who plays video games all day long. Yes the 55 year olds metabolism is probably less efficient then the 23 year olds, but you can see what I'm trying to point out. Precision nutrition's Dr. John Berardi's The metabolism advantage goes over the topic of what happens to the metabolism as we age, pretty well.

The article is pretty generic in information and kind of states the obvious. I want to mention that in the comments section there's someone who goes off on the benefits of vitamin D. Vitamin D is a very important Vitamin, but for this person to suggest that its the holy grail of health is very irresponsible. a balanced diet with a good mix of everything in moderation will probably always be the best bet. So the next time you stick something in your mouth (Keep your minds out of the gutter) Ask yourself, What will this do for me?

As with much of the information that's out, you must always keep a critical mind. It's where the most effective learning takes place.

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