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Fun Fitness For You And The Kids

New fun program for you and the kids!

Yo-Yo Fit

Hi!! This is Jenn It's been a pleasure working with some of you during private training sessions. Flip and I have been chatting about new and creative ways to train Sweat Nation clients. It so happens that in the adventures of life I made it a focus and goal to become a "World Yo-Yo Champion". I've literally spent most of my life (since the age of six) traveling the country & world teaching both kids and high level adults how to expand theire focus and motor-skills through yo-yo tricks & other skilled toys. As a pro instructor and yo-yo performer, I've been featured on numerous national TV shows like Good Morning America & Fox Kids.

Hi everyone, Flip here, I figured what an exciting way to kick up your mental fitness. With that being said, Sweat Nation is pleased to announce a new service for you and your kids called "Yo-Yo Fit". How great is it that you can get your fitness training session in and bring the kids to join in too? Research shows again and again how valuable it is for kids to learn things along with their parents.

Jen is available to spend an hour or two with you and the whole family; teaching yo-yo tricks and other skills that directly translate into improved hand-eye coordination, focus, physical fitness and problem solving skills!

Yo-Yo Fit Benefits:

  • Skilled toys have been used in mental preperation classes for years as a method of brain integration training, hand-eye coordination, hand-foot coordination, mental focus, agility, speed and more!

  • Improves focus, concentration, patience, determination and MOTOR SKILLS (muscle tone, strength, and coordination, rhythm and timing, bilateral coordination,primitive and postural reflexes)

  • Science & education studies have proven that learning how to Yo-Yo and use other skilled toys has directly impacted and improved students grades. C students went to A students in only months!

  • P.E classes have been increasingly scaled back or all together eliminated in schools leaving children without key physical fitness and brain development characteristics that are building blocks to success in all forms.

  • Kids also develop a deeper understanding of basic physics like rotational intertia, planes of spin, mass distribution vs weight, air resistance and gyropscopic stability. All concepts that they often struggle to learn in elementary & middle school. For the simple reason that the system won't find fun ways to connect all that academic stuff too.

  • It's FUN!!

Type of programs & formats:

  • Private lessons

  • Group lessons

  • Birthday Parties

  • Holiday Parties

  • School & Youth organization events

  • Yo-Yo Lessons

  • Juggling Lessons

  • P.E. Agility and Coordination Lessons

  • Mental Exercise

Check more out at http://www.yoyojen.com/

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