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Validation or Motivation

Most are motivated by external(extrinsic) factors like money, status, and material success.

I know I was for most of my life. You might be too.

We spend most of our lives craving validation from the outside world. Especially in youth. We want to be successful in the eyes of the world.

The interesting thing is once you start to appear “successful” --- either by purchasing that awesome new car, new house, or finally getting that promotion is. You realize how superficial the whole concept is.

Sure, you get a little sugar high…But that fades quickly, and then you realize that happiness doesn’t come from “things” or “status”. Happiness can only come from pursuing meaningful goals driven by internal(intrinsic) motivation. Sweat Nation Founder did a talk on the science behind motivation. Check it out when you have a moment, you'll love the ending.

There are tons of super successful people with all the things in the world seemingly going for them and yet, they are miserable. When driven solely by external motivation…

Often what occurs is that you can forget about being present, lose patience, and are then unable to enjoy the journey…Sucks, right?

Your highest priority as a proud sweat nation citizen should be a craft you are internally motivated to learn, practice, and get better at. When you follow your internal motivation --- goals are a way to measure your progress, not validate your ego. As part of the Sweat Nation family it's our duty to point out that ego can many times work as the enemy.

When you follow your internal motivation and focus on your “one thing” --- you’ll almost always win. This happens because you’ll have the vision and patience for the long road of learning, failing, learning some more, and persisting. It becomes exciting to learn and become more effective.

Living your life chasing external motivations leads to internal conflicts…It kills your creativity, and suppresses your urge to do the things that you love the most.

Why? Just to validate ourselves in the eyes of others?

It’s a bit silly if you think about it – but sadly – this is life for most. People will spend their entire lives chasing external validation. The most important thing I’ve learned is that success can’t be measured by “things” in the external world, but only by how you feel within… Once you figure out the inner stuff, the outside always follows.

Fulfillment comes from purpose, and the freedom to immerse yourself in the things you love doing most. If you’re not sure what that thing is, the question to determine it is:

If I wasn’t getting paid for this, would I still do it anyway?

Figure out what your ‘one thing’ is, and spend most of your time on it… That’s the key to an unreal life. Lately my focus has been on feeling a deeper sense of happiness through liberation. I've thought to myself..."Could I be happy if what i identify myself with just didn't exist. I know, deeply philosophical. Perhaps in the near future Sweat Nation will come out with a philosophical series. We all think about it, right.

Get out there and find your inner reason for being. Here's to your health, wealth & happiness! Be awesome!

Crash Course Philosophy - Since we touched on the subject

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