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Brief Case & History Of The Burpee!

Ah, what can we say about the burpee. I watch as people wince when confronted with this uniquely intense movement, I've seen as some try to avoid doing them. But today i'd like to pause and plant the seed of wonder on where the burpee came from and why this exercise is a favorite among movement professionals across the globe! Burpees: A Quick History Royal H. Burpee was a physiologist in New York City in 1939. He invented the first version of the burpee as a part of a fitness test. The original movement was milder than the burpee we know and "love" today. Mr. Burpee never intended for his fitness evaluation tool to become the tool in exercise that it has become today. The burpee was intended to be performed 4 times in a row, and he would measure the participant’s heart rate before and after in order to assess their heart’s efficiency at pumping blood, thus determining their overall fitness rate. Burpees: An Evolution

Over time the burpee was modified from its original, fitness evaluation form to the more vigorous modern movement. Here’s how the burpee evolved: Original Burpee: Squat down and place both hands on the floor in front of you. Jump feet back into plank position. Jump feet forward. Return to standing. Perform only 4 times in a row, measuring heart rate before and after. Modern Burpee: Bend over or squat down and place both hands on the floor in front of you, just outside of your feet. Jump both feet back into plank position. Drop to a pushup — your chest should touch the floor. Push or snake up to return to plank position. Jump feet back in toward hands. Explosively jump up into the air, reaching arms straight overhead while clapping. Perform as many times in a row as instructed! Burpees: The Most Effective Exercise Ever?!? When you perform a modern burpee you are essentially doing a vigorous six-count bodyweight movement that requires you to move between six unique positions as quickly as possible. Everything burns as you go through a series of burpees: your lungs, your legs, your arms, and most of all…calories. Burpees cultivate agility(mobility), strength, coordination and stamina(endurance), causing those that crush their burpees the body they're working hard for. The next time that you are told to do 20, 30, or 100 burpees: smile to yourself and think "Thanks" Royal H. Burpee and be happy that you are doing an exercise that gets you enviable results in the shortest possible time.

Get after it! After, that's how we do it in Sweat Nation!

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