30/30 Rise


Sweat Nation's 30/30 Rise program is the home of the workout & nutrition template that busy professionals who want an easy to follow system that's proven to get results - a program designed by profesional coaches that have worked with the big Hollywood A-listers, pregnant moms, busy professionals, and the recovering weekend warriors.

You will get a program meant to build you fundamentally with fun workouts that range from high energy muscular endurance, challenging strength workouts designed to burn maximum fat and tone your entire body.

Our specialized workouts use a combination of (HIIT) High-Intensity Interval Training, muscle building, and strength workouts to get your body to its optimal potential. Functional Movement is the foundation of the program. Functional Movements are exercises that translate into your everyday life. There are also free days where we suggest yoga, dancing, whatever you think is fun and challenging.

There is also a daily recipe guideline calender with over 90 recipes for you to get in the kitchen and know exactly what to do. 

Having a plan is key to getting the best possible results. This is why our workout programs are designed to fit your individual fitness goals and fitness level. Whether you're new to working out or you're an experienced fitness buff Sweat Nation's 30/30 Rise program will challenge you to become the best version of yourself. 

Lot's of knowledge has been put together within this program so that you can jump in and begin working on your goals. There are video's instructing you what to do for each workout. It's like having a Sweat Nation coach with you in the gym.

30/30 Rise workouts are done with dynamic functional movements in mind which makes them fun, motivating, challenging AND it keeps the cost of working with an in-person certified personal trainer affordable compared to private one-on-one personal training sessions! 

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