What Body Type Are You?

March 8, 2010


Do you know what Body type you are? Of course you do. You're the awesome body type, right? When I say body types, I'm referring to your "Somato-types". Did I just hear you ask, "what's this thing-a-ma-type this guys talking about? Lets look into history to get a base. William Sheldon(1898-1977) was an American psychologist who spent his life's work observing the human body. He taught at several universities and led valuable research on body types. He proposed that the human physique be classified by three different "somato-types". In 1954, his book Atlas of men.


Typical Ectomorph traits are:

-Small "delicate" frame and bone structure.

-What may be referred to as a "hardgainer"

-Flat chest

-Small Shoulders


-Lean Muscle mass

-Find it hard to gain weight

-Fast metabolism


Typical mesomorph traits are:

-Larger bone structure


-Hard body, well defined

-Rectangular shaped


-gains muscle easy

-Gains fat easier than ectomorphs




Typical endomorph traits are:

-Soft & round

-Gains muscle & fat very easily

-Is generally short and "stocky"

-Round physique

-Finds it hard to lose fat

-Slow metabolism




Body types are not set in stone. Most will have a dominant type and a not so dominant


 type. For example, Im an ectomorph with a trace of mesomorph. There will usually be a dominant type. Exercise and nutrition can be better optimized for one's type. That's for a future article. For the moment Precision Nutrition's Dr. John Berardi is a great source. Precision Nutrition is the nutritional certification I hold. It's a respected certification in the industry. The link is an article on the nutrition that each body type should use as a template.


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