Something Catchy, 10 Muscles Women Love!

August 4, 2010


Lets get into the this one. Ladies? Pass this one onto your significant others because this week I'm looking out for you. Gentleman, listen up. Sure women love a guy with a chiseled six pack. Its the reason I tell everyone to do planks and V-ups. But that's not the only thing the ladies out there are looking at. Especially since most of the time that six pack is covered by an article of clothing, unless your a nudist. So without further ado here's the list.


Men, pay attention.


10) 6 pack abs - As mentioned before planks and V-ups are whats on the menu for this body part. You could have arms the size bowling balls, but if you have a gut, the arms will only get you so far.


9) Powerful Forearms - Woman think if you have powerful forearms you can do it all. Your friends will think you spend to much time searching for porn on your smart phone. But what's important is what the women think. Get in the gym and work on that grip strength, then roll up your sleeves and let the women have a look.


8) The Booty - For all that love tribe called quest, they say it best in their song aptly named "the booty" I recommend you listen to it if you haven't. Women check out your butt because it gives them a clue. If your in great shape it carries high. If not, It sags like a sack of potatoes. Hit some deadlifts, Squats, and some cycling.


7) Sculpted Shoulders - The shoulder muscles have been referred to as "the muscles of love & war". Make sure you hit those shoulders with some overhead pressing (if you have healthy shoulders with no pain). Throw in some Dumb bell shoulder raises and you will have some sculpted capped shoulders



6) The "V" Back - The V is something the women really enjoy. I once read that "women's attraction to this is ancestral. when it was important for our mates to protect us from wooly mammoths on the plains , women looked for a gene pool that could provide them with protection.


5) Rock - Hard Calves -  How many guys out there think "oh, legs are not that important." That couldn't be further from the truth. If a man looks big on top and has toothpicks on the bottom, it looks disproportionate. Doing calf raises, stairs and and of course keep cycling.


4) Big Chest - Woman like big chest as much as we do. So make sure you're getting in your push up, Bench & Flyes.


3) Large Biceps - Woman like to be held, and melt in big arms. So I like to recommend some underhand grip pull ups for some nice bicep work, that will also help with the V-Back and there are of course the staples of bicep training, the curls.


2) Quads - Chicks dig nice quads. Make sure your getting in your squats & lunges


1) Strong Hamstrings - Many women like to be on top because it lets them lean forward on your pubic bone. Having well conditioned hamstrings and glutes make it easier to meet her halfway for more pleasure. Make sure your adding good mornings and deadlifts to your programming to help enhance the pleasure.


All the kidding aside, women love a man with a strong mind. Keep learning, and providing value and all will be well.


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