Do You Have Stubborn Fat?

February 25, 2016


Every year at about this time frustrated people around the globe look in the mirror and realize that their waist is larger, hips are wider, and that the resolution they made New Years has fizzled. 

So what to do do about the stubborn and seemingly permanent fat? 

Sink into a depression? NAWWWWWW!!! That's not the mindset you practice.

If you do decide to throw a pity party; before you know it your feelings of self pity begin to snowball into a full blown case of the Stubborn Fat to lose game. The only game you're interested is making your invesements grow, not your belly. 

How do you know if you have Stubborn Fat?

  • Your pants are tighter today than they were a year ago

  • You’ve tried to lose weight only to fail.

  • You feel trapped.

  • You’re close to giving up on yourself.

If you can relate to any of the above statements then you have the Stubborn Fat Blues—quite an unpleasant condition to allow yourself to be in. 

Fortunately, there is a cure. 

It all starts within your mind. The thing about Stubborn Fat is that it affects your mind more than anything. 

You see, your mental state is critical in determining your shape and size. When you focus on all of the things that you hate about your current body like the size of your thighs, the shape of your butt, or the way your belly looks then you’re putting all of your energy on the negative. 

The more you think about how unhappy you are, the unhappier you will become. 

Makes sense, right? It's a practice. The more you practice focusing on unhappy thoughts, the better you will be at it.

So instead of wallowing, use the following techniques to conquer the Stubborn Fat Blues: 

1. Take it one battle at a time.

You may have 20, 50 or 100 pounds to lose before you reach your ideal weight—and, that can feel overwhelming. The truth is that weight loss like that won’t happen overnight—it takes months of dedication. Similar to dividend investing. you don't collect all your dividends in one shot, they come to you over time.

Don’t worry about winning the entire war today, instead focus on conquering one battle at a time. Take it one meal at a time, and one day at a time. A healthy meal, a good workout and you’ve won a battle. Remember, 100 pounds is broken down into 350,000 calories. Sure, that sounds like a lot, but all you have to do is focus on burning more calories than you take in today – in the end weight loss will be inevitable. #physics

2. Use a trigger.  

How many times throughout your day do you find yourself plagued with negative thoughts? I’m too fat. I’ll never look as good as I used to. I’m not attractive. Stop it! Thoughts like these will ruin your chance at regaining your figure—they are total momentum killers. 

Here’s what I want you to do. Whenever a negative thought enters your mind instantly do the following:

  • Breathe out and squeeze your abs for 5 seconds – 3 times

  • Throw away any junk food within arms reach

  • Plan to move with intensity that day

Make negative thoughts a trigger to take positive action toward your goal—the results will be a net positive. 

3. See what you want.

If you have weight to lose, mirrors are a nightmare. Every lump and pouch seems to jump out with alarming illumination. It doesn’t help that most see things as worse than they really are. 

When was the last time that you closed your eyes and pictured the body that you wished you had? It may new agey, but I’m serious. Your mind is impressionable, and when you bombard it with only the negative then you will find yourself stuck in that pattern. 

Take time each day to visualize your ideal body. Close your eyes and put yourself in that ideal body – feel what it feels like to be fit and attractive. This exercise is a powerful way to fixate your mind on your goal in a way that will leave you no room for failure. 

4. Get serious.

Sooner or later you will decide that you are fed up with the Stubborn Fat. You will decide that your health is important. You will decide that you deserve to look great. And you will do what it takes to achieve amazing results. 

The best way to ensure that your motivation stays strong—and that your goal is met—is to get on a fitness program that actually works. If you need help finding the right program for you – Sweat Nation can help. 

Together we will identify your goals, find workout programs that you enjoy and create a routine that works with your schedule. It’s that simple. 

Then you can say goodbye to that Stubborn Fat —forever!


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