This is what makes Zoe so special. 30 Day Challenge update.

March 22, 2016


Last week I embarked on a 30 day challenge with a Sweat Nation Client Zoe.

Here is the kick off post. It's already been a fun and exciting week of learning Zouk.

Today I want to tell you a bit more about what Zoe's Life has been like in the past year.


Last summer on a beautiful day in Miami Beach Zoe was out on the ocean with a group of friends. The smell of sun tan lotion in the air was prevalent as Zoe got on a jetski with a child to go for a nice ride in the aqua waters of south florida.


You know, you just never know when the chaos of the universe is going to come around and test what you're made of.

As they were riding the calm waves on this beautiful day a boat that did not see Zoe blindsided her and the child crashing into them and sending them into the water.

As I understand it, Zoe turned a bit to try and avoid the collision which exposed the right side of her body to protect the child, but also to take the brunt of the force. Her move worked as the child got knocked off the jet-ski with some minor bumps & bruises. 

As for Zoe, it's one of those moments where you wake up in the hospital and come to the realization that something traumatic happened that shifts the way you understand life.


Zoe's right side took major damage as whe was thrown off the jetski from the collision. She was under water for some time as her friends came rushing over to try and find her and get her out of the water. They got her out of the water unconsious and did what they could while they were waiting for trauma airlift to come and get her.


Can you imagine being part of this scene, on what was a beautiful day out with friends, and suddenly it becomes a life or death situation? How would you handle it? It's just one of those things that you never know until you find yourself in such a situation.


Zoe was airlifted to Jackson hospitals trauma center, still alive but fighting for survival. I'm pretty sure you figured out that she survived. I will dig deeper into her story of survival and recovery as we go through the 30 day challenge.


Zoe is strong both inside and out, and sometimes it takes lifes chaos to realize it yourself. Zoe is a ballerina by training, and loves to dance. When we came up with the idea to have this challenge, it furthermore showed me her passion for life and dance.

Remember, training doesnt have to be a time where you have to go to the gym and do leg day or upper body day. Exercise should be in your life to enhance your movement, so that it can bring you joy. What style of movement brings y ou joy? Really take some time to think about this. Don't wait till life throws you a curveball to take advantage of the blessing it is to move. Stay tuned as we continue to journey through this 30 day challenge. 


Get after it. Be Proud to be able to get your sweat on to express that you're #physicallyinfinite






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