Exercise as A Prescription?

July 25, 2016


Dr. Joseph Mercola, a controversial yet well-known health advocate, has an interesting take on exercise. 

He believes that it should be prescribed, like any other medication, in daily doses. 

“The simple act of writing out a prescription for exercise is an excellent approach to being proactive in regard to your health. It's also far more logical, inexpensive and actually radically reduces your risk of most every chronic disease known to man. A daily exercise routine is one of the main factors in achieving optimal wellness.” 

Whether you like Mercola or not, I find that you should learn from all places. If you think about it, each day you are faced with the option to get your daily dose of healthy, heart pumping movement. 

Will you find the time to hit the gym today, or will the business of the day leave you exhausted? Quite frankly, the reasons to do it far outweigh the reasons not to. 

If you are like most then exercise isn’t at the top of your list of favorite things. Even for me that's in the industry; as I focus on trying to grow business the easiest thing to cut away is getting in purposeful movement. 

What I do on those days where I know I will be sitting in front of the computer digging into research; which may be useful for you, is that every hour on the hour I set my alarm and do 10 minutes of movement. Streching, push ups, squats, anything. 

It’s time to get serious about your movment. 

Let's flesh out some action steps for you. After all it's actions that will get you where you want to be. 


You could start by changing your attitude toward exercise. If you go into it with a negative mindset, chances are you won’t enjoy it. It’s time to accept the YOU can enjoy exercise. 

Consider the following:

  • Have you written off exercise based on a particular type of routine – maybe you would enjoy something different. The truth is that no one can deny how great it feels to accomplish a challenging workout. It’s rewarding, invigorating and feels great. You simply need to find the right form of exercise for you. Client Alejo just jumped into the boxing ring for the first time and really enjoyed it. Movement doesn't have to be sets & reps.

  • Try to pinpoint the main reason that you dislike exercise. Is it the uncomfortable workout clothes that you own? Maybe it is time for a new style(Sweat Nation is looking into some fashionable options in this area, keep your eyes peeled). Is it trying to decide what machine to use at the gym? Maybe it is time to shift your thinking past the machines. Is it the pain that you feel in your shoulder when swimming? Maybe it is time to find a new form of cardiovascular exercise—one that won’t aggravate your injury.

See, the truth of the matter is that there are many different forms of mopvement that will give you the results that you want. Don’t like the gym? There’s a program for you. Don’t like running? There is an alternative. Don’t have the time? There are time friendly exercise routines that will give you incredible results in under an hour. 

Like I said, when it comes to exercise there are tons of options. But it all starts with ditching the excuses and finding what resonates with you.

Is it really that easy? Absolutely, Yes. 

Exercise is your new prescription medication -- don’t forget to take your daily dose!


 Training Track!!! How about this for intense movement!!! Enjoy


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