GMO, to be or not to be...It's complicated

January 18, 2016

On my recent trip to London I had the pleasure of meeting with the founders of Kewo Science. They are “a team of scientists and health experts dedicated to share true and unbiased information.”  We had several discussions about subjects such as vaccines, infectious diseases and I of course was very involved when the topic of GMO’s came up.

I’ve come across so much information on this topic both good & bad, and now I’m in a conversation with bonafide scientists who know how to read and understand research. To say that I didn’t want to look like that guy who was just screaming “GMO’s are bad because monsanto is evil and they’re trying to take all the money and create anarchy” was key to looking like an actual credible and educated person.

I was delighted when the conversations went as pleasant discussions where there was space to disagree and still be agreeable. Now, in saying this I really don’t have a horse in this race. I love to learn and when the driver is true curiosity there is no space for picking a side. After all I need to practice what I preach and I’m always reminding myself that once you become dogmatic about an idea, you automatically halt the learning process. Once you believe something is absolute you will  fight for it no matter what learning continues to be done.

In being in the privileged position to work with clients in helping them achieve their goals I have been able to  amass anecdotal evidence as to things that work more often than not. with that being said, are GMO’s good or bad? The answer to that is of course they’re horrible and everyone who eats them is going to die a horrible death!!!! I’M KIDDING!!!! There are people who believe this to be true. When you want to be intellectually true and honest though you would come across the studies that don’t exactly agree with that conclusion(1). Actually there have been articles written about retractions of some of the studies that the Anti-GMO tout(2)

There are also indications towards GMO compromising the ability of the immune system and perhaps being a link to many of the inflammatory diseases that are plaguing developed countries(3).


Who to believe? what to do? The approach I take with my clients is to lets try for 30 days and see what happens. I will say that I hve a bias towards getting my clients results. In saying that, there are people getting results no matter if they are eating GMO or not.

The question then becomes for me is what are the long term health effects and who’s right?

I dont know who’s right. On one hand they are some very beneficial outcomes to parts of the world that desperately need whatever they can get. On the other hand some are raising the discussion that GMOs may be an underlying cause to many of the first world inflammatory diseases that are becoming incresingly concerning.

I’m going to go out and say everybody believes they are doing what’s right!!! what do I mean by that. IN MY OPINION… I feel that both parties believe they are doing what is ethical in their points of view which brings me to some TED talk that has been the catalyst in a discussion between myself and the KEWO Science’rs

Pamela Ronald BioGenetesist’s Case for GMO

Summary: Pamela feels that her work is benefiting the poor and empoverished.

just to show TED is as curious as I am here is a talk by….

Dr. Thierry Vrain The Gene Revolution

Summary: There are many unknowns that are leading to unintended consequences. Now that they are known, there is not much being done about it.

What to believe? after watching these videos both sides make compelling arguments which can lead many of us to say research says everything and because of that they don’t know anything. I want to raise the thought that this is true science. What makes science so valuable is that there is discussion and debate on all sides. That’s what makes the process so exciting.

To conclude, we are living longer than ever with the added effect that we have more inflammatory diseases than ever. Is it because we are living longer and these are the diseases of the advances we’ve made? Or is it because we tinker with everything and its leading us down this path? It’s probable to be both, I’d like to make a mention that epigenetics(which is not part of this article), may have something to do with this puzzle as well. I do strongly believe that we must tinker. It is tinkering that has gotten us the advances that have benefited us. And tinkering for better or worse comes with unintended consequences, it’s the way learning has always and always will happen.

I hope you find value in this article we need to keep learning and discussing. I encourage you to leave a comment. This topic is extremely complex and having an open dialogue where ideas are openly shared with a constructively critical eye needs to happen more.

I’d like to send everyone wishes of a productive day. Here’s to Keeping the Dream Alive, Making the Dream A Reality & LIVING THE DREAM!!!!


Flip Aguilera

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