Learning Vs. Executing

December 1, 2016



I’ve been challenging myself to learn more lately, over time, it’s automatically upgraded my level of thinking. Let's this call this process “success by osmosis” --- you too can become more successful by merely surrounding yourself with success, continually.

I’m very excited to share ideas I’ve been learning with you. The changes I see in my life as a result of all of this conscious learning are noteworthy.


I’m writing today to go over the most significant “mind upgrades” I’ve become aware of and how that’s evolved my view on the concept of time.


You see, time is much more valuable than money, and the ultimate goal is to free up more time for the things that honestly matter. Some examples may be travel, fun, and family. 



 I’ve learned to not only put a value on my time but to guard it with my life. Lately, I've been working on how to track how I’m spending my time. It’s crazy what you can learn about yourself merely by monitoring how you spend your time.

The big idea is how you spend your hours, dictates how you spend your days, and how you spend your days, dictates how you spend your life.


 This realization that every single minute matters has forced me to schedule regularly, commit to deadlines, identify time vampires, and work to rid myself of them.

The way I’ve thought about it is “Developing systems to protect you from your mindless/distracted self.”


As I’ve been putting importance on the value of my time and how that correlates to achieving big goals. I've realized that I don’t have the time for the things that are getting in the way of making my goals a reality.

 I love Science, but as it stands now, I don't think that physicists have made it possible to make more time. There are always commitments and bills to pay. It’s impossible to create more time, so what to do? 


 The concept of “time management” isn’t about managing your time per se. It’s about maintaining your productivity and energy. It’s about realistic prioritization. It’s about figuring out what works for you, and what doesn’t. It’s about identifying the biggest wins in your life – for your mindset, health, and happiness.


It’s about figuring out what you don’t want to do --- the things that steal your energy and time, and figuring out how to create systems to automate these tasks.

Time Management is about spending your time on the highest leveraged activities – the ones that are responsible for making you happier, healthier, and more successful.

 There is much content out there on time management, productivity, and “lifehacking.” There is good advice out there. I also find that a lot can pay lip service and not give you realistic systems to use. 


Some advice doesn’t take a moment to factor for essential ideas like:


YOU, your lifestyle, your goals, and your habits…


The advice is generic and often lacks accountability. We live in an age of infinite content and minimal execution. Everywhere you go you come across great advice. You ever have that experience where you feel a swell of energy, get a burst of motivation, inspiration, and swear your life will change forever. All you have to do is implement.

After the motivation passes, your mind then defaults to what its done in the past, you return to your routine, and it’s like nothing ever happened.


 A Solution to develop is using some of the simple tools you have on you. Begin to build your system. I for one have been using reminders on my phone for the things that pop up throughout my day. It’s great to cross things off that list, and it’s also a benefit to get things out of my head. Keeping in your head can end up becoming an abyss that never sees the light of day.


 Let's explore for a moment the consequences of poor time systems.


 1.  People are only about 1/10th productive as they believe they are.  There are a whole bunch of variables – but time management is the primary and most common reason.

Can you imagine what you would accomplish if you focused on your productivity output each day?


 2. Lack of time systems become a limitation as you work on making your goals a reality. These limitations act as a ceiling that doesn’t allow you to achieve more or make time for your highest calling.


 Time systems allow you to achieve in just a few focused years what would usually take someone a lifetime, they remove the “fear” of big, huge, audacious goals and meeting them and are what have allowed many successful people to accomplish so much.

 Start with writing down the top 3 things you need to do a day, and observe how your life evolves as you get those important things done on a consistent basis.


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