3 Ways On Keeping Your Goals In Focus

April 10, 2017


There's a lot of talk about setting goals, getting started, and making things happen, right?

The number one enemy of achievement is probably the inability to stay focused or should I say --- the strong ability to get distracted easily(Thanks internet & social media)


Here at Sweat Nation there's been plenty written about productivity tools, time management tips, and “life hacks” in the blog.


Today this is going to be more about the “bigger picture” of focusing on your goals,

because the one who can delay instant gratification and intensely focus for the long run. Wins.


If you feel like you’re not following through on your goals and procrastinating on important things this post will serve you a good reminder for focus.


Firstly, let’s get clear on one thing: You’re not lazy, but your brain through repetition may be. It prefers to do what is easy, and for that reason alone, most people never leave the comfort zone and take action on the what’s most important to them.


Some studies even showed that we avoid what we enjoy most. The brain prefers to be lazy, simply “reacting” to the stimuli coming its way. When you’re living reactively, you are basically in cruise control. There are not enough people saying this, but when you allow yourself to live in cruise control, that approach to life leads to being a victim of circumstance. Reactive living is the opposite of control.


A great example to clarify is you see a cat video on FB, and you’re all about it.

Because that's an excellent stimuli for the brain?

However,You see a goal that can change your life forever --- and you run away.


Hard work and focus? = RUN!!!


With that understanding of the lazy and self sabotaging nature that most default to within their brain, here at Sweat Nation we must get on the “offensive” about our goals…Remember: When you’re uncomfortable, that’s when you know you’re in the ‘growth zone’ and doing something right…Now…


Here are three ways to focus on your long term goals:




 1. Block Distractions


When you sit down to work, don’t play. Work from an environment conducive to focus. Remove all distracting stimuli, disable email notifications & perhaps like I do, you can throw on some wordless music. Using an app like SelfControl to block out distracting sites may help. Bottom line is you gotta put your phone and distractions away and get to work.



2. Stay Calm (and healthy)


Plenty of research out there concludes that keeping calm is a key to achieving clarity and making important decisions. Stress lowers our immune system and has a negative effect on the prefrontal cortex --- the part of the brain controls our ability to be rational.


Basically – stress makes you behave irrationally, perform at lower levels, and make bad decisions.


This is why nearly every top performer has some kind of mental/meditation ritual…

If you’re new to the world of meditation, I recommend the 10 day beginner challenge offered for free by HeadSpace.


3. Keep Your Goals Top of Mind


With every decision you make, think about the big picture and your five-year plan…


Thinking about your long term goals and future puts meaning behind every decision you make now, in the present.


Ask yourself: Where is this action leading? Is it taking me closer to the life I want to lead? Or am I “reacting” out of fear or distraction?


Get clarity + take action, That's how we do things here in Sweat Nation. Here's to optimizing your mind/body, finances, career, relationships & Lifestyle!!!!



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